When we think of dentistry and the need to keep our teeth looking healthy, most of us will just think about how our teeth look on the outside. How many of us actually pause to think what our teeth might look like on the inside? Probably not many, but fortunately endodontists do. 

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a speciality within dentistry which focuses on the tissue matter within our teeth, known as the dental pulp. In each tooth, you can find an intricate array of connective tissue and cells – after all, teeth are living parts of our body, just like our hair and skin. The healthier these cells and tissue are, the healthier our teeth. 

The role of endodontists

For patients, the most common reason you may see an endodontist is if you need root canal treatment. This is when the pulp within the root of the tooth becomes infected. 

You can also see an endodontist if you are suffering from tooth or facial pain where the cause is difficult to identify. Endodontists have been trained to identify and treat the causes of complicated tooth and facial pain. 

To find out if you could benefit from endodontic treatment, give the friendly team at Queensway Dental a call today.

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